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Estate Planning
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Estate Planning is important for all clients looking to reduce Inheritance Tax and maximise the amount paid to chosen beneficiaries and requires a combined approach of legal and financial investment advice.

One of the most important tasks is to make a Will, whilst taking steps to plan and protect your wealth. You do not need to be old to make a Will but when you do you should seek the knowledge and expertise of both legal and financial advisers. Our own financial advisers carry out a wide range of Estate Planning work and can help in all aspects of this.

If you have decided to make a Will, arrange a Lasting Power of Attorney and are interested to know how you can minimise your likely inheritance tax, we can help. Our estate planning advisers can arrange the writing of a suitable Will and will advise you on your likely inheritance tax liability and what steps you can take to minimise this for the benefit of your family and other beneficiaries named in your Will.

During your lifetime there are many ways to reduce your likely Inheritance Tax and increase the amount your family and chosen beneficiaries will receive after your death. Understanding and implementing these estate planning techniques earlier could bring greater benefits to all concerned.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Tax and Estate Planning. Nor does it regulate will-writing.
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